LGD Gaming is by most metrics a very sub-par, mediocre team, especially over the past year.

Starting from their performance at The International 2016, they had a mediocre performance in the group stage, going 5-9, and after taking a game off of Team Secret, lost 0-2 to Digital Chaos and were eliminated from the tournament. 

The disappointing performance repeated at the Boston Major, wherein they managed to be undefeated in the group stage, but shamefully were defeated by the B team LGD.Forever Young 0-2 in the first round of the playoffs.

Going into the new year, LGD slumped into one of the most disappointing series of failures yet.

Playing and failing at qualifier after qualifier, the only tournaments that LGD have managed to play on the main stage in 2017 are the Dota Professional League and The Summit 7. They did manage to do decently in these LANs, going 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Although they manage to qualify for Galaxy Battles, they did not attend the tournament due to scheduling conflicts, which was a shame as it was one of the few chances they would have to inject some finances into the team as of late.

However, they would proudly go into The International 2017 China qualifiers. And in a performance unprecedented by their recent half year, they managed to dominate the competition.

In the round robin group stage, they went 6-3, a respectable score considering their competition. In the playoffs, they immediately fell 0-2 to EHOME.Keen, but quickly returned to form, 2-0ing Vici Gaming and EHOME.Keen in the rematch. 

Now, fighting alongside their brother team LGD.Forever Young, LGD Gaming have made it to the biggest tournament in esports history. If their performance over the past year was a graph, it would surely be a giant spike over the past month. 

Now, all that's left to do is see whether it will peak on The International's main stage.