Overwatch's community is one of the most creative and participatory groups in gaming. In particular, the game's already-diverse set of skins have resulted in many more fan-made skin concepts.

Lúcio's Jazzy skin started out as a fan-made concept, and now it's in the game. Who knows, maybe ​these summer skins will be next – check them out.


Given how much of Overwatch's cast is typically depicted as covered head-to-toe, it could be interesting to have a series of summer-themed skins that show, well, more skin. Mei already complains about the heat on some maps, and it's hard to blame her!


The crop doesn't do this one justice – ​click here for the full image. It's particularly impressive how well-thought out these concepts are, with Mercy's Caduceus Staff being replaced with a large parasol instead, and Soldier: 76 wielding a hefty water gun.

With the Summer Games event debuting around this time last year, there's plenty of hype in the community regarding the upcoming summer event, which is pretty much confirmed ​due to some data-mining.

Whether it will be an Olympic Games theme again or not is currently unknown. Maybe beach skins aren't so unlikely after all. Only time will tell!

Photos courtesy of ​cinnammint "Em" on Tumblr