​Sombra's popularity has grown substantially since her release, which many Overwatch fans find frustrating and ultimately underwhelming.

With her popularity in competitive and even tournament play steadily growing due to her "anti-dive" role, people are taking a second look at, not only at her in-game kit, but her in-game design. ​​Reddit user ArielleSweetSugar thought the hacker's golden weapons could be made more interesting if the weapon skin was also added to the metallic parts of her gloves.


The idea took off with ​​the Reddit thread already at 14,000 up-votes and counting after less than a day. It's likely Blizzard is aware of the concept by now, or will be soon.

It may seem like an arbitrary addition, but there are a couple of good reasons for this change to grace Overwatch. For one, Sombra is very expressive with her hands – more so than most characters, with her Hack, Translocator, and even her Thermoptic Camo abilities animating her hands.

Second, many of the other heroes have multiple golden weapons. It only makes sense for the same logic to be extended to Sombra.

Personally, I'm getting Sombra's golden weapon next either way. But this idea is simultaneously cool and logically sound. ArielleSweetSugar has ​continued to publish mock-ups, proving the idea is versatile and ​works with all of the hacker's skins.