Grassroots Super Smash Bros Melee organization Melee it on Me has been creating yearly top 100 rankings for the competitive scene since 2013. In recent years, they have moved their operation over to Red Bull's eSports efforts and become SSBM Rank​.

Since this change, rankings have become more polished and include player blurbs, graphics, and statistics. Another major change, however, that came with their move to Red Bull is a chance to seasonal rankings.

We're currently in the midst of the 2017 Summer SSBM Rank reveal, and recently ranks ​numbers 30-21 dropped. Who made the cut as a top 30 Melee competitor right now?

The biggest jump in ranking from SSBMRank 2016 goes to Justin "Syrox" Borroughs, leaping from 67 to 30 in just a few months. His wins and play speak for themselves, with wins over top competitors like Weston "Westballz" Dennis:

​​Another huge leap is Jack "Crush" Hoyt, moving up from 49 to 23. He has had an excellent 2017 so far, and things are only looking up for the hardworking Fox main.

Perhaps the last big move is not too surprising, as he has experienced many big ups and downs over his long and storied career; Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez bounced back from 38 to 21. He has updated his game and is looking to get closer to top Samus main James "Duck" Ma, who is certainly in the unreleased top 20 players.

Keep an eye out as more rankings are revealed.