3 Biggest Melee Storylines for EVO 2017

Since Super Smash Bros Melee's re-inclusion into EVO in 2013, the tournament has become one of the most prestigious events in the community, The champions so far (in order) are Joseph "Mang0" Marquez, Mang0 again, Adam "Armada" Lindgren, and Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma.

With the likelihood of one of these three players winning again being very high, there's more at stake at this year's EVO than just a potential repeat. Here are some of the biggest storylines at play at EVO 2017.

3. Mang0's return - The 3VO

With Mang0's history of top performances at EVO, he is the only Melee player with two EVO wins under his belt. After two lackluster years, finishing fifth and fourth, he recently broke Armada's winning streak, taking two sets in Grand Finals to defeat him and win Royal Flush. 

Could this be the year he gets the 3VO?

2. Armada vs. Hungrybox - A Clash of Titans

With Grand Finals the past two EVOs featuring these two competitors, along with virtually every Melee major tournament in the past year, any smart bet would place these two fearsome players in the top two.

At EVO 2015, Armada defeated Hungrybox. The following year, Hungrybox took two nail-biting sets from to become the champion. Armada has dominated 2017, but Hungrybox recently defeated him at Smash n' Splash 3.

Will Armada secure another major tournament win and tie Mang0's two EVO trophies? Or will Hungrybox rise to the occasion yet again?

1. Leffen's Return - A New Champion

After William "Leffen" Hjelte rose to the top of the game in 2015, winning summer majors one after another, he was a favorite to win EVO. But an unfortunate loss to Justin "Plup" McGrath's unparalleled Samus sent him home at fifth place, and his chance at victory the following year was denied to him due to visa issues. 

Will Leffen remind us of his 2015 status and take his first EVO title home this year?