Redditor and Smasher KHJ_23 has discovered a new piece of information in the Fox vs. Jigglypuff matchup involving Puff's unfortunately pointy ears.

Jigglypuff's ear protrudes from her shield after minor damage has been done to it. Her hurtbox is directly tied to her ear. This means if a Fox spaces an up-air on Jigglypuff's shield properly, it will shield poke Jigglypuff.

Fox hitting Jiggs with an Up Air

Landing Fox's up-air on Jigglypuff is arguably one of the best ways to end her stock or begin a combo that may do so. If the tech is practiced, it has the potential to either keep Jigglypuff out of her shield or make her pay dearly if she decides to put it up.

The tech isn't quite airtight. It's possible for Jigglypuff to tilt her shield towards Fox, which would protect the hurtbox located on her ear. Not only this, but Fox can be shieldgrabbed out of his Up Air. However, this doesn't mean Jiggs can steal the stock on Fox. KHJ notes that Fox will already be DIing away from Puff once she grabs, and can escape a potential rest setup

Jiggs Grabbing Puff

Furthermore, Fox can simply pass over Jigglypuff and perform the up air on the opposite side of Puff, hitting her now-exposed backside via her tilted shield.

The arrival of new tools in the Fox/Jigglypuff matchup is crucial, especially with EVO coming in less than a week. Hungrybox is one of the biggest names in the bracket and stands as the strongest Jigglypuff main in Melee. Not only this, but he also is completely capable of taking first at EVO this year as a whole.