Patch 7.14 isn’t about bringing in cool new features, it’s about getting back to the basics. With a focus primarily on champion balance and buffing up some long-forgotten champions, you’ll likely see a couple of sidelined laners and supports make their way back into the spotlight with 7.14. With all these new passives coming, it's almost easy to forget that Kayn is waiting right in the shadows to trespass on our minds.

For the full patch notes, you can see it here.

Champion Updates

Riot has openly admitted that Diana's confused identity as a champion is in major need of a rework, but they're hoping the buffs they're bringing to her in 7.14 will be enough to tie her over until they can get her scheduled in for a much-needed makeover. Now her passive attack speed increases with her Moonfall's rank, and it gives back mana now too.

Garen's 7.14 buffs are also only signal the start of bigger and better things for the spin-to-win soldier. Now his passive gives him more health regeneration when he's low on hp, so if your new hobby is fidget spinners, it might be time to pick up Garen again.

Singed's new passive, Noxious Slipstream replaces the old Empowered Bulwark. Noxious slipstream gives him a speed boost whenever he passes by another champion, so now there's no running away from Singed's smelly gas - just try your best to hold your breath as long as you can.


Cho'Gath's biggest change is to his (E) Vorpal Spikes, which now slows and deals more damage based off of the target's max health for the next three basic attacks.

Lethality Rework & Item Updates

With the new lethality changes coming, we may see a meta-shift from attack speed ADCs to damage-orientated, snowballing ones. 

Lethality now scales off of the player's individual level instead of the target enemy's level. Lethality items such as Youmuu's, Duskblade of Draktharr, and Edge of Night now all grant more lethality when completed, but less AD (which shouldn't be a big deal since lethality now is calculated based off of your own level). So it seems lethality focused assassins such as Zed, Talon, and Shaco are poised to be the popular picks of 7.14.

The new Bramble Vest will now build into the updated Thornmail. But the biggest change is that Thornmail will now inflict Grievous Wounds. Not only that, it will slow attack speed, oh and it gives more health now too. Now that pesky ADC won't be able to life-steal as effectively off of you and eventually, you'll win the war of attrition.


Kayn the edgelord will be released in 7.14. If you're somebody who's ever rocked an Uchiha symbol on your body or wished for Sharingan eyes, he's probably right up your alley.

You can read up on him in the champion reveal, and watch the champion spotlight below as you prepare yourself to be infested.

Champion Spotlight:

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