Eight teams from across Europe participated in the European DreamHack Malmö Qualifiers for a shot at two spots to qualify for the next DreamHack Masters event. 

All sixteen teams competed in a single elimination, Bo3 tournament, and only the top two finalists would get to move on to compete at DreamHack Masters. 

In the end, mousesports and Envy were the last ones standing, both finding 2-0 wins against FlipSid3 Tactics and HellRaisers, respectively. mMousesports only dropped a single game in their bracket to Space Soldiers, whereas EnVyUs lost games to both Playing Ducks INT and Heroic, but pulled out a clean 2-0 in the finals on their side of the bracket.

Congratulations to EnVyUs and mousesports!

You can catch the two teams in action again at DreamHack Masters Malmö which will run from August 30 - September 3.