​Yesterday, after months of anticipation, Overwatch League finally kicked off the ground - Overwatch League launched its own official Twitter page, and ESPN reporter Jacob Wolf stated that Blizzard would be announcing the league's founding members.

Today, Blizzard did just that, welcoming Overwatch League's seven first city-based teams.

​​It had already been confirmed that the Mets, the Patriots, Immortals, and NRG Esports are involved. They are now joined by Misfits, Chinese internet technology company NetEase, and Kabam.

​​If this list looks geographically incomplete, it's because as Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer promises, this is only the beginning. More teams from around the world will join in the future.

Blizzard also revealed details on how the competition will play out. Season 1 matches will take place in Los Angeles, and to foster talent, each team has the license to run local amateur esports events.

For more information, check out Overwatch League's official article. It's finally here.

Video and image courtesy of Overwatch League