Prior to Rift Rivals, there was a lot of talk as to whether North America was sending their best teams. Cloud9 had quite high expectations, though, given that they had just come off a victory over rivals Team SoloMid.

Yet, Cloud9 seemed to perform the worst out of all the North American teams. They ended with a record of 3-3, and of the North American teams, they also had the lowest gold differential at fifteen minutes, lowest first tower ratio, and a bunch of other stats that suggest they weren't able to have as advantageous of an early game against European teams.

Fans might be quick to cast blame, but Team SoloMid's Bjergsen stepped in to explain.


"I feel really bad for C9 at Rift Rivals because I heard all their players were really sick," he said. "I think they would have performed a lot better if their players weren't super sick."

He cited travel as a complication for sickness and recovery and added one final remark. "Being jet lagged plus sick makes a huge difference. But they still played better than the EU teams."

Video and image courtesy of Bjergsen