With DreamHack Malmo coming up at the end of August, wrapping up the qualifiers so that the full lineup can be announced and allowing teams have ample time to prepare for the big event is a pretty important task.

And with the NA qualifiers having wrapped up, the sixteenth and final team to be attending is solidified.

The closed qualifier started off with sixteen teams, most of which are relatively unknown, so let's jump straight into the semifinals.

​​Semifinal #1:

  • Team Liquid 16:4 Otter eSports (Nuke)
  • Team Liquid 16:9 Otter eSports (Inferno)

Semifinal #2:

  • Renegades 16:11 ex-paiN (Overpass)
  • Renegades 16:7 ex-paiN (Cache)

There were no real upsets before the semifinals, and the two notable teams who were in the qualifiers were the ones that made it into the final series to determine who was going to Malmo and who was going to be sitting at home watching.


  • Team Liquid 16:4 Renegades (Mirage)
  • Team Liquid 17:19 Renegades (Cobblestone)
  • Team Liquid 12:16 Renegades (Train)

And with that, it will be Renegades and not Team Liquid that attends DreamHack Malmo and is also the last of the sixteen teams that will be there.

The big thing to wait for now is the announcement of the group stages. Past that, it's just waiting for the event itself to see how it unfolds.

Image courtesy of  Liquipedia