Get on My Level 2017 is the Canadian Major everyone has been waiting for. The tournament series went to Twitter to reveal that the winners of GOML would get something pretty sick for their efforts.

Most tournaments go the standard route and give their winner's a sick trophy. GOML is no stranger to this either but this time around they're giving the champions sick rings that they can wear to let the world know anywhere and at any moment that they are the best.

Alex Jebailey, the father of the CEO tournament series, expressed his approval of the rings. CEO historically has been held in in a large wrestling arena. Before Jebailey decided on a trophy he revealed that he prototyped many different things with rings being among them.

Of course, nothing fit better than a championship belt for CEO but Jebailey was happy to see another tournament series picking up the idea.

So now, not only does the competition have the prestige of being the best to look forward to and compete for but also the ability to swag out and where it proudly.