Overwatch's most recent character went under the inspection of Jeremy Winslow from Paste. Upon researching the character, Jeremy Winslow makes the point that Doomfist does not fall under not one character tropes, but a series of them. Specifically, he points out:

Blizzard did their absolute best to make Overwatch a cast of interesting, diverse and unique characters. Winslow argues that they may have suffered under the confusion of how to make a good black character, and as a result "the company stumbled, creating nothing but a talking, punching, walking stereotype."

Blizzard is absolutely not a game that lacks stereotypes entirely, however. Almost every character has the potential to fit into some sort of trope:

  1. Soldier 76:  Dad the Veteran
  2. Genji: The Cyber Ninja
  3. Widowmaker:  The Cold Sniper
  4. Bastion:  Robot War
  5. Sombra:  The Hackette

Half of the blame goes to the simply immense amount of TV tropes that exist as of now. It wouldn't be difficult to find a trope for any of the characters within Overwatch due to the expansive pool of TV tropes that exist.

The characters in Overwatch, however, are something beyond their tropes. If a character is well made, feels like they belong in the world they were created for, then there is arguably no reason not to write them in. 

In Overwatch's case, the character should be both fun to play, balanced and something not present on the cast otherwise. A heavily close range/melee character didn't exist within the pool of offense heroes,  and even after some hefty nerfs, Doomfist is certainly an interesting character to play.

Ultimately, it is up to the players to decide whether or not Doomfist is a proper addition to the cast of Overwatch characters. 

Doomfist has been a delightful character thus far and we're excited when he will be released to the masses!