5 Overwatch Heroes Better on Console Than PC

While console players are basically out of luck if they want to compete at the tournament level, Overwatch's Xbox One and PlayStation 4 communities maintain a significant player-base for casual and competitive gamers alike.

While the games are basically the same besides a damage tweak to Torbjörn's Turret, the biggest difference in gameplay comes from the input device. The vast majority of players on the console versions of Overwatch use a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse, and it makes for a different experience.

As a result, some heroes are more or less effective than others. The following is a list of five heroes who are better on console than on PC:

5. Mercy

Since effectively playing Mercy rarely calls for precision, the gap between playing her on console and PC is minimal. A good player of the angelic medic will tell you her job is mostly to stay alive, and it's easier to be evasive when all your enemies are less precise in their shots. Mercy tends to stay alive while being 'focused' a lot longer on console than in PC Overwatch.

4. Lúcio

For reasons similar to Mercy, playing an effective Lúcio on console is easier on console provided you're good. Of course, that didn't stop DSPStanky from climbing the ranks when he switched from Xbox One to PC.

Given the DJ is hard to shoot down when making proper usage of wall-riding and cross-fading on PC, just imagine how obnoxious good Lúcio players are when you can't 'flick' your aim.

3. Pharah

While console Pharah players have a tough time pulling off mid-air flick-shots and similar shenanigans, the rocket queen is far more survivable on console. Many players have even called for some kind of nerf on the console versions of Overwatch, because in the current 'dive' meta, she can be indestructible with attentive healers.

As with Mercy, it's the lack of precise enemy fire that makes Pharah so effective. It's also worth noting that the default control settings on console make the horizontal axis more sensitive than the vertical axis, which can make focusing down the sky-bound hero more difficult.

2. Reaper

Shotguns don't require a lot of precision, and Reaper's Hellfires are no exception. A console player can ramp up their sensitivity when using shotguns and perform well, addressing the typical issues of taking too long to acquire new targets and turning around – without feeling gimped by a lack of precision.

1. Symmetra

If you think Symmetra mains are awful on PC, you may not have seen the epidemic on console. Her pick rate is relatively the same on console, but when she does make an appearance, it's a bad time for the enemy team.

Equipped with an analog stick for maximally unpredictable movements and never bothered by the lack of precision that comes with it, console Symmetra players can dance in circles around most players while melting them.

It's not at all uncommon to watch a play of the game where all the gamer does is hold down the fire button, jump and strafe about. It's obnoxious on PC and borderline overpowered on console.