​Mirror matches are always stressful. Fighting anyone in any game in a matchup where you are both using the same character is a telling show of skill, and sometimes luck.

With two McCrees in a match, well, the west is only big enough for one of them.

​Redditor/McCree player KuudereSalad faces off at high noon against a fella who looks just a bit too much like himself. Kuudere does get the drop on the opposing McCree, who is using his ult to clear off the payload. Sneaking up on his blindside, our hero pops his own ult as well.

The opposing McCree turns to face the new threat, but pauses to allow his ult to lock in on Kuudere. This would be the last mistake he made, Kuudere had already focused his rival and a few other opponents, taking them all down in one fell swoop.

Kuudere walks past the pile of corpses, finishing what he started by putting a few bullets in Soldier: 76. That being done, the entire enemy team was down, leaving the payload for the taking.

Though Kuudere has a gold portrait (meaning that they're over level 1000), it doesn't mean that they're unbeatable. Someday there will be a cyborg cowboy to best them. Until then, though, this McCree will certainly stand as the Lone Ranger.