5 Best Characters in SFV Season 2.5

With EVO in our rearview mirror, we're past the halfway point of Street Fighter V's second season. The game's most recent balance update, dubbed "Season 2.5" was released a few months back in an effort to bring parity to the game's diminished balance (See: Guile and Urien).

Here are my thoughts on the game's five best characters right now.

5. Rashid

Rashid has arguably the best normal in the entire game with his crouching fierce punch attack, incredible movement options, relentless pressure, left/right mixups, and top notch anti-air attacks. 

It's no secret that his damage output isn't the greatest, but that's more an anchor that keeps his balance relatively fair than it is a debilitating weakness.

4. Cammy

Cammy lost nothing and gained an air throw.  Does anything else need to be said about a character that has been-top tier since the game's first season? 

Amazing speed, strong anti-airs, ridiculous damage output, and relative simplicity means that Cammy is likely to always be a top character unless they significantly weaken her tools.

3. Karin

Karin isn't the perfect character; her anti-airs leave much to be desired, but she is essentially perfect in every other category. 

With her overpowered buttons and strong walk speed, her neutral game can sometimes feel insurmountable, and don't ever let her get you to a corner. It'll be lights out. Victor "Punk" Woodley is probably the world's best player right now, and he more than anyone else can show just how cheap Karin can be. 

2. Balrog

You know a character is extremely strong when his only problem is poor defensive options in a game with very few. Balrog hits arguably harder than any other character in the game, constantly forces his opponent to guess between standing or crouching, and he's impossible to jump on. 

Only one characters outclasses him. 

1. Ibuki

In the right hands, Ibuki is without flaw, and while she is technically demanding (perhaps more than any other character), that won't stop the best players in the world from excelling with her. 

She isn't technically unblockable, but she's as close to it as we will ever get in this game, and that's why she will always be the best unless she is changed.