Many players know of Ana's pillow spray - one to be used after an opponent has been put to sleep in order to provide them some additional comfort before their inevitable demise.

Some Ana's, however, are more skilled caretakers than others.

Redditor/Ana JacobARF is caught in the back alleyway of Hanamura with an opposing Doomfist. In an attempt to dodge Ana's sleep dart, Doomfist uppercuts - but to no avail.

His unconscious body now flying through the air, Ana decides she should be a courteous opponent and cushion Doomfist's landing. Predicting the arc of his fall, Ana puts down her pillow spray with flawless placement and timing - the pillow landing perfectly under her aggressor's head.

The following spree of crouch spamming and bio grenade into two darts for a quick kill is nothing new for many Anas. But, It could be said that Jacob is far more deserving of their "victory dance" - with a pillow that well placed, who's to say otherwise?