With The International well underway, you might have missed the action due to extenuating circumstances. Let us catch you up to speed on what happened.

Upper Bracket

LGD.Forever Young 2:0 TNC Pro Team

Virtus.pro 2:0 LGD Gaming

Lower Bracket

Team Liquid 2:1 Team Secret

Team Empire 2:0 Evil Geniuses

As mostly expected from an overall situation that no one expected, LGD.Forever Young dominated TNC Pro Team in both games of their match. With LGD.Forever Young being the juggernaut of the group stage, it is hardly surprising that they would be able to rout the lower tiered SEA Team. 

This now puts TNC into the lower bracket against OG, for the rematch of the century; last year at The International 2016, TNC eliminated OG 2-0.

Virtus.pro managed to defeat LGD Gaming 2-0 in the subsequent match. These sub 30-minute matches just served to show that VP was not playing games and is eager to rush forward in the tournament.

In the battle of the historied captains (Puppey and Kuroky), Team Secret and Team Liquid dueled furiously in the first match of the lower bracket. However, after a confident first game, TL totally dominated Secret in the subsequent games; with Miracle- buying a Divine Rapier in the second game after near complete destruction of the base, and the overflowing heals from Keeper of the Light and Legion Commander sustaining a Matumbaman Troll Warlord, unending building destruction was the name of the game for TL.

In possibly the biggest upset of the tournament (so far), dark horse Team Empire managed to rout Evil Geniuses in two consecutive games. With EG picking illusion heroes into their counters on Empire, namely Earthshaker and Sven in Game 1 and Sven again in Game two, it became clear that Empire had out drafted them. 

One thing to note in those games was EG's absolute fear of counter pushing after winning favorable fights; it would seem the team was tilted beyond belief.

With another two teams eliminated from the tournament, the timeless rule that only the best of the best can compete on this stage proves itself true yet again.