The International 2017 has featured numerous players from around the world, all with long and storied lives from their times on various teams.

From newcomers making their debut on the main stage to former TI winners aiming for ownership of two Aegis of Champions, there is not a person there that doesn't have an intense passion for competing.

However, this TI has aligned some stars and enacted out some coincidences in the arrangement of teams and players that competed.

For example, in the lower bracket, there was the tense match between Team Liquid and Team Secret. The captains of the two teams, Puppey and Kuroky, were at one point teammates on Team Secret and parted ways not so amicably due to internal stresses within the team.

After Team Liquid's victory, in a post-game interview, Kuroky pasively mentioned that he was not thinking about Puppey specifically; this isn't surprising in that in order to win the biggest tournament of the year, you must stay 100% focused on the game.

Team Empire, one of the less famous and lower-tiered teams, startled viewers by completely dominating Evil Geniuses, going 2-0. No matter their final placement, they can be sure to be proud of themselves for this great upset.


Finally, TI7 seems to be fond of revenge. Two of the matches are direct copies of last year's bracket; Team OG vs. TNC Pro Team, and Digital Chaos vs. LGD Gaming. However, both of those outcomes were reversed this time around, with OG and LGD 2-0 their competition.