The Boys in Blue had a promising start at the International 2017, ending out the Group Stage with a record of 11-5. While it was only two wins short of claiming the top spot in Group A, it still showed that Evil Geniuses had a chance to perform well in the annual tournament.

Unfortunately, as soon as EG stepped foot on the main stage, they caked their pants in front of thousands of viewers who watched gravely as Evil Geniuses walked off of the TI7 stage for good. Sure, Newbee is a great team who has a track record of high performance, but in no way shape or form are they a 37-minute gg team.

I will admit that Saahil "Universe" Arora did fall short of his gameplay as Enigma but that was only a portion of the problem that plagued Evil Geniuses. EG failed at the drafting stage, only rarely making picks that could have given them the upper hand in-game. Evil Geniuses, so far, has been one of those teams that run very tight-knitted, coordinated games, even if they are down on their luck, they can usually outplay their opponents. Newbee, on the other hand, is adaptable as we have seen them out draft many teams during the Group Stage and Main Stage of TI7. They have consistently out-played, out-drafted, and out-smarted their opponents making them a formidable force in this competition.

The biggest upset came when Team Empire, the dark horse from Russia, beat down North America's flagship team and dragged them through the wringer.

When I first saw the news that Evil Geniuses had been snuffed out of TI7 by Team Empire I couldn't believe it. Team Empire is a good team but definitely not one I would have had my eye on to beat EG out of TI7. Team Empire admitted that Evil Geniuses were their idols and trust me, it's not personal it's just business.

On August 9th, Team Empire will face off against Team Liquid in the lower bracket which is going to be one of my most anticipated matches of Day 4 for one simple reason. This match will determine whether or not Team Empire truly is an up and comer, or if Evil Geniuses is just off their game.

It is too late to make any assumptions but we could begin to see a downturn in EG's professional career similar to Fnatic's fall a couple years ago. keep checking back here for RETAPS of matches and we will see just how Team Empire fairs in their conquest through the lower bracket.

Cover photo courtesy of GosuGamer