With The International well underway, you might have missed the action due to extenuating circumstances. Let us catch you up to speed on what happened.

Lower Bracket

Team Liquid 2:0 Team Empire

LGD Gaming 2:0 OG

In game one, I really don't want to say that Team Empire threw, but honestly, once the Godlike Weaver played by Empire's Resolut1on got ganked and gave up his streak, the game instantly went downhill, with Team Liquid's Broodmother running down buildings from then on. 

The match between OG and LGD Gaming was truly valiant. In game one, OG's Phantom Lancer did good work, but in the latest stage of the game LGD's AoE in Leshrac and Bristleback were effective in keeping them down. Game two was a horrible massacre, with LGD's Storm Spirit gaining upwards of 30 Bloostone charges; in the final teamfight, their Sven cleaved through their team for the win.

The first game in the match between Team Liquid and Virtus.pro was a war of attrition. With both teams having extremely effective depush in the form of VP's Bloodseeker and Venomancer, and TL's Keeper of the Light and Death Prophet, each team was extremely dependent on winning a crucial fight to enable them to push. 

After multiple less than perfect late game ganks, TL finally managed to break the base for the win.

Game two was more straightforward after the laning stage, with VP's Necrophos and Viper continuously growing more powerful as time went on. With perfect positioning when pushing the base, Team Liquid could not take a good fight, and with Viper having a Dragon Lance and Bloodlust, TL could do nothing but watch as their base crumbled.

Game three saw VP get great early farm on their cores of Faceless Void and Queen of Pain. However, even after taking great kills, they could not turn it into a push, as the neverending split push from TL's Anti-Mage and Nature's Prophet was constantly a dire threat.

After getting mega creeped, VP threw in the towel and were eliminated.