As you know by now, Doomfist had recked havoc on the city of Numbani during the Ominic Crisis, and the ​aftermath showed in the map.

Now the most noticeable change in Numbani was the Doomfist Gauntlet missing from the payload, and ever since his release, people were wondering when or if the payload would ever be fixed. 


​Well our questions have been answer as the newest PTR update has a couple notable changes done to the map of Numbani, which have been noticed thanks to Redditor ​oCrapaCreeper​.


We see the first change in the posters in Numbani. The posters which once advertised Doomfist now are replaced with history of Numbani.


The next change is shown in the spawn room again where the gauntlet exhibit is now replaced with one about Efi and Orisa.


The final change that was found is the by far the biggest one. The payload that once showed Doomfists Gauntlet and then was broken into and left with broken glass is now completely fixed. The payload now has a new and improved look with a "property of Numbani Heritage Museum" sign on it.

These changes will most likely hit PC and consoles in the next two weeks, so be sure to look out for them and any other easter eggs hidden around the changed map.