​Roster moves after Majors aren't uncommon, some would say it's almost tradition. Just like when teams in traditional sports have their periods for roster moves, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene make most of their big roster moves after Majors.

In the case of FaZe Clan, who recently picked up Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs, they have taken their roster movement to another level. Reddit user hsarinCSGO has detailed how FaZe have been making moves in the past. It seems that a pattern has developed that they will make a move after every Major. 

Here are the detailed moves:

  • After MLG Columbus: -Maikelele +k1o
  • After ESL One Cologne: -fox +Allu -jkaem +Karrigan
  • After ELEAGUE Major: -Aizy +NiKo
  • After PGL Krakow: -allu +Guardian

It could be argued that such frequent changes​ aren't helping to build team chemistry. This behavior could just mean that FaZe have become a revolving door for players. Now, fielding an even stronger roster, it'll be interesting to see how FaZe do at the next Major.

Image courtesy of Liquipedia