​Being the head coach of a team is a hard job that most of the time gets overlooked. The discussion of who was the best coach of the split doesn't really start until it's time to vote, and even then it gets out shined by who is going to be MVP, or Rookie, or make the All-Star team. 

To start the conversation, let's look at two coaches who really stood out to me this split and who could both be potential winners. 

The first one, with the highest potential, is Sang-soo “SSONG” Kim of Immortals. Previously the coach for Longzhu Gaming and ROX Tigers, SSONG brought the experience and knowledge
​Immortals needed to make it to second place in regular season standings. 

His dedication to his team is seen through moments like when he helped the team talk strategy while he was still in Korea. 

The second contender is Parth "Parth" Naidu of Team SoloMid. TSM stepped away from their normal draft picks this year by testing new comps with champions like Galio. 

Parth was able to push his team's boundaries by introducing a new comp. While he himself was able to identify the optimal time to play the champion and correctly draft around it. Pick/bans are sometimes an overlooked stage of the game, but it's when coaches can show their stuff. 

There should be more discussion about which coaches are doing well in the split, and more explanation of why they are doing well. Coaches like SSONG and Parth shouldn't just be recognized at the end.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Flickr