Edgar Davids, a former Dutch Football player, had an ongoing lawsuit against Riot Games. Well,​according to VP, the lawsuit has finally been settled.

Davids was suing Riot for the similarities between himself and the Striker Lucian skin which was released in June 2014. He claimed that Riot based the skin on his image and, since the skin was being used to make the company money, he deserved to be compensated. 


Similarities include hair, jersey colors, and the eyewear. Riot argued that although there might be some similarities, there wasn't enough to associate the skin with the player. Here's a picture above; honestly, the similarities are pretty striking. Alright, no more puns.

Ultimately, the court filed in the favor of the Dutch player and now he will get a percentage of 

the sales made off of the skin. I wonder how much money Davids just banked for himself.