Day two of week 10 of the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split was an important day, because the results locked in the standings for playoffs. 

Here are the teams standings entering the Summer Playoffs:


Mysterious Monkeys 0-2 H2K

Unicorns of Love 0-2 Team Vitality 

Game one of the series between the Monkeys and H2K was over by 10 mins into the game when H2K was able to secure four kills in the mid lane. This set the team ahead and they never gave the Monkeys a chance to get back into the game. H2K end the game in only 25 minutes. 

Mysterious Monkeys gave more of a fight in game two but it wasn't enough. H2K's AD carry Jung-hyun "Nuclear" Shin had a convincing second game on the Tristana, ending the game with 9/0/4.

With H2K winning their series, UOL needed to pull out a win in order to stay in contention for the first place spot in Group B. With that in mind they enter game one​​ against Vitality and promptly lose, badly. 

Vitality had a perfect game, which is when the enemy team doesn't get any kills, turrets, or objectives, like dragons or Baron. 

Game two wasn't as devastating as the first game but Vitality still walked all over the Unicorns, ending the series with a 2-0 sweep. 

The results of day two secure H2K in first and UOL in second. Second place isn't too bad, but giving away a perfect game to a team that's not even in playoffs is a reason to be concerned. UOL have some things to work out before their last match of the regular season against H2K.