Winners of the Arcana Vote, Short Film Contest, and All-Star Match at The International

Not everyone can claim the Aegis of Champions after winning first place at The International, but there are other games and contests that players and pros could win instead. 

More than just a consolation prize, these rewards are the result of hard work from the community, and will be enjoyed for months to come.

3. Pudge - Arcana Vote

The longest running and most anticipated part of the 2017 TI Compendium, the arcana vote had players putting in their ballots to vote for the next hero to receive an exclusive and brightly particlized cosmetic item.

Following in the footsteps of last year, Reddit had the bright idea to choose a less often picked hero to meme its way to the finals. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the other half of the community), Rubick lost the vote to Pudge by a .008% margin.

2. What Does a Hero Truly Fear? - Short Film Contest

MaxofS2D, is yet again maintaining his Short Film championship...for the third year in a row. Featuring a plethora of different viewpoints and storylines, What Does a Hero Truly Fear? was one of the most original storylines in recent years.

Coming in second, Ability Madness throws a story straight out the window and treats viewers to an action packed memefest of explosions and comedy.

Thirdly, The Ward, from its original description, was actually a last minute and semi-rushed submission. However, this short among shorts manages to fill its time with the perfect expression of its premise.

1. Team Radiant - All-Star Match

Featuring an all-star cast, the showmatch of Day 4 was not just to fill time; there was big money on the line, with a delicious block of cheese going to the winning team. 

Oh, and also $100,000. But that sucks compared to pure cheese.

Team Radiant, featuring top tier players, RAMZES666, Sumai, s4, BoBoKa, and KuroKy, managed to outskill Team Dire, who had N0tail, Miracle-, Universe, KaKa, and Solo.