It's the start of promotions and the bottom tier teams from the LCS are fighting for survival to make it back to the next season -- no one wants to be relegated! 

Other teams are fighting for a chance to hit the stage and show that they are good enough to fight against the best teams in the world, and everyone is fighting to prove that they are the better team.

The Results

Team Liquid 3-0 eUnited

Phoenix1 3-2 Gold Coin United

TL vs. EUN

Team Liquid was aiming to win, and swept eUnited in a clean 3-0 series in a rather predictable manner, as eUnited could barely put up a fight. 

It seems that TL may not belong in relegations after all.

P1 vs. GCU

Pheonix1 disappointed everyone after their spectacular performance during Rift Rivals, only to return to their abysmal state when they returned to NA. 

Game one was disappointing. They had a 10k gold lead and still managed to throw their game. It was only through a surprising backdoor by Ryu "Ryu" Sang-wook that allowed them to win. 

Gold Coin United seemed to know exactly how to play against them, and gave P1 fight after fight. During game four, GCU took trade for trade, and they shut down every play P1 tried to make.

In the end, their mid was able to score a pentakill, they were able to end the game, and tie the series 2-2. They almost won the series with their strategy, and you have to give them props for putting P1 to the test.

Photo courtesy of lolesports