With The International nearly over, you might have missed the action due to extenuating circumstances. Let us catch you up to speed on what happened.

Upper Bracket

Newbee 2:1 LGD.Forever Young

Lower Bracket

LGD Gaming 2:0 Invictus Gaming

Team Liquid 2:0 LGD Gaming

Starting off in the lower bracket, LGD Gaming completely eviscerated Invictus Gaming in the first game, going 15-3 for a sub 20 minute GG. Game two was more surgical, with LGD keeping iG's Alchemist down all game. When his second item after Radiance is Black King Bar, you know that the game has completely gone south.

Switching back to the upper bracket, a more competitive match was initiated. In game one, a tense war of attrition happened, with LGD.Forever Young winning numerous early fights, however, Newbee's elusive Bloodseeker kept them at bay until a final fight allowed them the win. 

Although LFY had a more substantiated win in game two, game three featured Newbee's lineup completely styling over LFY's Morphling. With Newbee's Axe and a Blood Raged Shadow Fiend, Newbee just had the better teamfight.

Team Liquid, as the last Western team in a China dominated finals, are showing great strength in these final games. In their first game against LGD Gaming, although they gave up some early kills, TL's mid Morphling received great support, and very quickly became a lethal monster that could not be stopped. 

In game two, Team Liquid's Huskar reenacted this, becoming a deadly force that constantly jumped on unsuspecting targets. 

And, when LGD managed to take a good fight, TL's Broodmother managed to split push and take mid barracks, further spreading the game for the eventual win.