While no official announcement has been released as of yet, Adam "Loop" Bahriz has revealed that he has been offered a streaming contract with Team EnVyUs. Loop, who is both legally blind and deaf, has suddenly become a big name in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive community after a Reddit post describing his circumstances went viral.

Loop first became known to the world when a Reddit post described how, despite being ranked Legendary Eagle, Loop was often bullied or neglected by his teammates due to his condition. The community instantly supported the player, jumping onto his stream and raising his daily viewers from 10 to 3000 in a matter of hours.

As a contracted streamer for Team EnVyUs, Loop will now be able to produce regular content and have it broadcasted and shared with a larger community. More importantly, Loop will be paid for his efforts, allowing him to afford the operations and treatments that he requires.

We wish Loop all the best with his streaming endeavors and hope that he'll prove that a disability does not define who a person can or can't be.