Overwatch player "Geo" has noticed a bug with the game's newest Arcade Mode Deathmatch, in which some characters such as Reinhardt do not receive any points for killing their enemies by pushing them off of a cliff or wall.

In the clip, Geo knocks multiple enemies off of the edge with his hammer - however, none of the kills actually count towards his point tally, putting him at the bottom of the ladder unfairly. This issue is not just specific to Reinhardt either - other knock back heroes such as Junkrat won't receive any points either for blasting enemies to their deaths.

Posting a thread to Reddit, user "vaughnd22" hopes to raise Blizzard's awareness as it is unknown if this is intended or not. Currently the game awards you points only if you land the final blow, making environmental kills ineligible. However, on the other hand, heroes such as Pharah and Lúcio still receive points for their knockback kills.

Reinhardt mains now is the time to pray to Blizzard Entertainment in hopes that they allow you to fulfil all your Deathmatch hammer-swinging fantasies.