Overwatch player and Reddit user "ExtremeEpikness" thought that their idea of having a Mercy-only Deathmatch meeting was brilliant and hilarious - that is, until the Doomfist had the genius idea of landing a Meteor Strike onto all of them.

Whilst the meeting was interrupted by a Winston and a McCree, the environment was still peaceful as they joined the four Mercys in sitting in a circle. Doomfist had different plans however and decided to do the thing that any of us would do - kill them all whilst they're defenseless.

The best part is seeing each Mercy notice at the exact same time that they're in danger and desperately try to get out of the way. However, since they were all sitting, they're too busy standing up in order to move out of the way before they're flattened faster than you can say "METEOR STRIKE!"

I don't care what you say, Mercy is still the best hero to bring into Deathmatch.