Former Natus Vincere teammates Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács and Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev have called each other out online after comments made on s1mple's stream showcased GuardiaN's behaviour in a bad light and explained why the latter left the team.

Amidst repeated conflict with in-game leader Denis "seized" Kostin along with the team newcomer s1mple, GuardiaN left Natus Vincere after repeatedly opposing upcoming roster changes. As a result, he was replaced by Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko, who had previously played for the team before.

Speaking on his stream, s1mple was asked about his opinions on GuardiaN leaving, to which he described.

"I still think he's good person like he's friend with me, we were on one boat, We were together, we were losing and winning together, I respect him a lot, but, don't need to do like this. Please, it's not right. It's not how it should be. If you left team, don't need say anything bad about team...And after this, I don't know if one of my player that left is friend anymore."

GuardiaN was quick to respond, indirectly calling out s1mple as being the source of the problem as he was "demoralizing all the players 70% of the time." GuardiaN soon followed with another tweet saying, "nothing more to say I give up," signaling that he wants nothing more to do with Natus Vincere or any of its players.

Whilst it's sad to see these two friends now part in opposite directions, the future is still bright for both of them with Natus Vincere keeping s1mple and nurturing him into a better player and GuardiaN beginning a new journey as part of FaZe Clan.