​Super Smash Con is home to some of the most entertaining non-bracket events that Smash has to offer. Smash Masters is one of the more anticipated competitions that take place on the first day of the tournament: it is a test of a player's skill in each Smash game from Smash 64 to Smash 4.

Daniel "Chudat" Rodriguez and Michael "Nintendude" Brancato met in Smash Masters and had one of the most Brawl match-ups ever created: Kirby versus Ice Climbers. Although both players are Ice Climber mains in Melee, Chudat obviously has a special place for Kirby in Brawl because of a single move.

In this clip, Chudat does one of the most identifiable Brawl tactics in the book: he uses Kirby's neutral-B to swallow Popo and SDs to maintain the stock lead. The tactic is cheesy, but effective, and Chudat is a specialist when it comes to the move. He used it often in the days of professional Brawl and it served him well in Smash Masters this year.

photo courtesy of VGBootCamp