The Best Skin for Each Offense Hero

Overwatch has some great skins for their heroes. Let's narrow it down to just offense heroes and pick out the best skins.

8. Tracer Jingle

Jingle Tracer is the best skin for the face of Overwatch for it's whimsical design. It not only looks nice, but it's fun too. Who doesn't want to go dashing through the snow? I hope in the future that we'll see more jingle skins just like this one. 

7. Cyberspace Sombra

Sombra doesn't have too many unique skins, and although she was just given a Summer Games skin, the Cyberspace skin is still the best. First off, there is just something about this color scheme that looks amazing in game. Second, the Hacker in her natural element, enough said.

6. Pumpkin Reaper

Reaper was a hard one to choose because he has some great skins. But Pumpkin Reaper won in the end, this headless horseman like skin just looks badass when you're in game. The best part of this skin has to be his shotguns. They shine bright and the candles look awesome while you're playing. 

5. Strike-Commander Morrison Soldier 76

Let's start off with the fact that the new Grillmaster 76 was a very close second choice. 

But the reason Strike-Commander won out is because it was based on the lore. There is just something about playing Soldier in his original uniform. Crossing my fingers in hopes that we get a skin like this for Reaper as well. 

4. Pharah Frostbite

I wish we could see some more Frostbite or ice skins in Overwatch. They always look slick and beautiful with their color schemes. In this case, Pharah looks awesome with the effect of jagged ice shards coming out of her armor. 

3. Lifeguard McCree

It's high tide and McCree looks great with the new Summer Games series skin. I love the small details like the beach ball instead of a tumbleweed bouncing across the screen during the duel. My only questions is, would you be upset if this was the lifeguard saving you?

2. Oni Genji

This skin just looks so awesome and so many players wanted it that Blizzard had to add it to regular loot boxes after the event it was released in was over. Oni Genji looks very intimidating in game when he is flying at you. 

1. Irin Doomfist

Even though he is a new hero he still has some great skins to choose from. My favorite though, would have to be the Irin skin. Am I the only one getting some Colossus vibes from this skin? Whatever the case, Doomfist looks powerful and badass with this skin.