Nine times out of 10, Genji players are more trouble than they're worth. In Quick Play​, a teammate choosing Genji is often the harbinger of a bad game and a sound loss.

It's not that Genji is a bad hero. Actually, it's quite the opposite. 

While he's very difficult to use, Genji is one of the most devastating forces in Overwatch when used correctly. The problem is that most players can't reach that high potential, and spend most of the game asking for healing before quickly dying.

But sometimes, every once in a blue moon, Genji comes in clutch for his team.

While we've seen plenty of Genji team wipes in the past, they've all necessitated the use of Genji's most powerful ability: his Dragonblade.

Redditor ky1e0​ isn't interested in burning his ultimate so unnecessarily. Instead, he positions himself right in front of the enemy onslaught, deflecting massive amounts of damage back into them, before Swift Striking through the crowd all at once.

As soon as the first elimination comes through, ky1e0 uses the cooldown reset over, and over, and over, until the entire squad has been cut down. All that remains on the point is a lone Reaper.

And as he stares at the carcasses of his formerly living teammates, the Repaer then just gives up. After a slaughter like that, I don't blame him.