​Mei is often portrayed as both an innocent cinnamon bun and as icy cold spawn of hell. With her charming and adorable voice lines, skins and design, the former may hold true. Her kit of freezing enemies in their tracks, escaping with walls, and healing any damage taken while invulnerable can truly make the ladder feel just as true.

Certain Meis, however, show such wrath that hate for her is quickly replaced with sheer awe.

Here, Mei outguns McCree from a distance, and proceeds around through the right side route before the first objective at the temple of Anubis. She would go on to take out a revived Torb before approaching the point. Noticing that except for herself and Mercy none of her allies were alive, she put up her ice wall took matters into her own hands. 

With an excellently placed ultimate and her support in tow, Mei was able to clean up the rest of the enemy team and get to work on the now undefended point.

​Redditor/Mei Havannaz, a player with a gold portrait, clearly has some experience under their belt. However, in their Reddit post, they insist that their pocketed Mercy was just as talented. Switching from healing to damage boost at all the right times, Havannaz claims it's "the most impressive thing about this play."

With these heartfelt words from a talented player in mind, we should all take a page out of Havannaz' book -- be humble, protect your healer.