OpTic Gaming may already have their new CS:GO team together​, according to the GODSENT coach, and it is definitely full of European talent. One of the positions, however, is still in limbo.

​​Earlier today, we reported on the rumor that OpTic is looking to field an all European team and some of the names have showed up in conversations with GODSENT coach, Graham "messioso" Pitt.

He names Aleksi "allu" Jalli, Oscar "mixwell" Canellas, Emil "Magisk" Reif, and Denis "denis" Howell on the squad. He also stated that OpTic is still in the process of finding an in-game leader for the team.

With so many rumors coming in stating that OpTic is looking to go full European, the conversation starts to shift on where they will intend to play. Magisk has made it clear that he would like to stay within Europe -- now that he is being linked to the Green Wall, it could also be confirming what region they will soon be representing.