​The Overwatch team has had an incredibly busy week, with the reveal of the Junkertown map, a goofy short with Roadhog and Junkrat, and the developer update on the forthcoming sixth competitive season. 

Today was another day in the madness, as animation director Ben Dai took the stage to showcase the latest short, "Rise and Shine."

​​Dai mentions how every short has focused on soldiers and adventurers, so it was time to give the scientists some love. The short is Mei's origin story, as it begins with her going into cryostasis, and staying there for nine long years. 

She wakes up to realize every other scientist with her has died, Overwatch has been disbanded, but all the data collected about the environment during her slumber is still intact. Her mission: get the data out there, and help the world.

​"Rise and Shine" is an adorable piece littered with easter eggs that you can discover with a keen eye. The Overwatch team continues to amaze with their storytelling, and much like Mei, give hope for the future of the game, and maybe the world itself.