Overwatch's fifth competitive season has brought out more trolls than we've seen in the past. Whether it's from the double XP weekend letting people easily make smurf accounts, or kids being out of school, you can't deny that this summer has had a different feel to it. 

​One of the oldest troll tricks of the trade is Symmetra putting her teleporter on the edge of a cliff and watching her teammates fall off like lemmings. A player by the name of HowToSnipe, however, caught this troll right in the nick of time. 

​​Going by the Reddit name Zehru, this is a gorgeous display of reaction time. Check out how he uses his grappling hook to save himself from near death from a troll teleporter.

​That alone would merit a highlight, but HowToSnipe takes it a step further headshotting a Genji before touching the ground. With the help of a McCree flashbang, HowToSnipe finishes off the enemy Widow, and turns around to kill Junkrat as well.

​In an interesting plot twist, killing the Genji actually saved the Symmetra who placed the teleporter there in the first place. Irony, thy name is Overwatch.