DBLTAP's Dota 2 Team of the Year

With everyone putting out their TI7 team of the tournament lately, it got me to thinking, why does no one pick a team of the year in Dota 2

Yes, The International is the pinnacle of the Dota 2 professional season each year, and one good tournament there can erase the previous eleven months of failure. However, that is no reason players and teams entire year's worth of performances should be judged on just one event.

In professional sports, like the NFL and NBA, teams of the year are a huge deal. Every player wants to find their name on that roster, and they are not made up of just who won the championship, or who only did well in the playoffs. Players even have huge bonuses in their contracts, dependent on them making these teams. 

Esports is becoming more and more mainstream everyday, and it is not out of the question that one day soon, player salaries could have bonus packages dependent on team of the year voting from other players and media members. 

Until then, you will all have to manage with my own Dota 2 team of the year. Listed by position, here is my Dota 2 2016/2017 competitive season team of the year.

5. Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasom

KuroKy is not only the TI7 winning captain, but a player who just two years ago found himself as being blamed for the reason of the biggest flame out in Dota 2 history, when Team Secret failed miserably at TI5. 

After back to back years of building a team around virtually unknown players, KuroKy has become one of the best captains in Dota 2 and an International champion.

4. Maroun "GH" Merhej

GH had never really played Dota 2 at a professional level before being asked to stand in for Team Liquid after they failed to qualify for The Boston Major. 

Since standing in, GH has participated in eight LAN events and has won six of them, including TI7. Even with teams focus banning his heroes first phase every game, GH was arguably the MVP of TI7, and the glue that brought Team Liquid from the brink of disbanding to champions.

3. Gustav "s4" Magnusson

s4 had never played the offlane, when OG reached out to him after their disappointing performance at TI6. With an opening at both mid and the offlane, everyone assumed s4 would slot into the mid role at OG as well. 

Little did everyone know that OG and s4 were about to make one of the most successful role switches in Dota 2 history. It helped that classic mid heroes, like Magnus and Batrider, were staples in the current offlane meta, but s4 showed throughout the year that he is one of the most talented Dota 2 players around.

2. Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan

SumaiL had one of the most consistent years ever seen out of a mid player. A role notorious for hot and cold performances, SumaiL was able to overcome all of this to dominate almost every event he played in. 

The only thing that was able to slow him down in the end was a meta where the enemy team could put three heroes in the mid lane to shut him down. This was the year where SumaiL made the jump from future prodigy to best player in the world.

1. Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok

In a year where the one position became almost an afterthought in Dota 2,  Resolut1on not only had the stand out performance at TI7, but turned himself into arguably the most sought after carry player in Dota 2

Placing top four at The Boston Major, and winning ESL One Genting were good resume builders, but in a position that lacked impact all year, Resolut1on made TI7 into his personal playground and almost single handedly carried a team, as a stand-in no less, to a top eight finish. 

With a rumored move to OG on the cards, Resolut1on is already the favorite to return in next year's Dota 2 team of the year.