​ESL and their parent company Turtle Entertainment have launched a legal lawsuit against streaming company Smashcast, previously known as Azubu, as part of the latter's breach of a two-year partnership contract.

​​Azubu was given the rights to broadcast ESL content back in Spring 2016, however they failed to produce any sort of payment to ESL for the deal. With rumors that Azubu entered the partnership without full dedication, ESL have sued the company for a minimum of $1.5 million US dollars to cover the financial losses.

A rival to fellow streaming platform Twitch.tv, Azubu built itself up as a broadcasting platform solely dedicated to esports content. Acquiring the rights from ESL to stream their matches and videos on their channel, Azubu also prized themselves with the exclusive rights of streaming Korean League of Legends team SK telecom T1, who are considered the best in the world.

With the final trial scheduled for July 30 2018, ESL has planned out the lawsuit with multiple witness accounts and factual evidence that shows that the contracts were agreed and signed on. Azubu, on the other hand, will be disputing this evidence with an argument stressing that the contract was never agreed upon.

If Azubu walks away victorious, then they will have taken down one of the biggest names in esports. However if ESL walks away with the money, the victory will be a major warning to potential investors to the esports scene that these corporations mean business. 

Cover photo courtesy of The Esports Observer