​ESL Pro League is back in action after a brief break for DreamHack Masters Malmo. The North American side of things got off to a good start for one Malmo team and one that was forced out of the event.

Here are the Week 2 Day 1 results:

RNG Renegadeslogo std.png1610Complexitylogo std.png coL
coL Complexitylogo std.png716Renegadeslogo std.png RNG
OpTic OpTic Gaminglogo std.png1612Splycelogo std.png SPY
SPY Splycelogo std.png1416OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic


Renegades followed up their trip to Malmo with a 2-0 victory over compLexity. Aaron "AZR" Ward came up big for Renegades on both Mirage and Train. He had a 1.66 and 1.57 rating respectively in the two matches.

OpTic Gaming put their recent troubles due to their roster changes behind them and are now looking like one of North America's strongest squads. They were able to go up 2-0 over Splyce behind Aleksi "allu" Jalli's AWP play. He was able to grab a rating of 1.68 on Overpass and a 1.54 rating on Inferno to help his team to victory.

There will be more action from the ESL Pro League as Week 2 continues in both NA and EU.

Table courtesy of Liquipedia