​The conclusion of Week 2 Day 2 on the EU side of the ESL Pro League saw some exciting matches throughout the day with some top tier plays.

There were only two matches on the day featuring the same four teams, neither team able to sweep the series over the other. Oh, and GODSENT apparently can hang with Astralis...


  • HellRaisers 1:1 North
  • GODSENT 1:1 Astralis 

HellRaisers 16:9 ​North (Overpass)

North 16:9 HellRaisers (Cobblestone)

The series between North and HellRaisers was an intense one as both teams were able to pick up one win each. Coming off a second place finish at DreamHack Masters Malmo, North looked to continue their strong start in the EPL. However, they only amassed one win against HR.

GODSENT 9:16 Astralis (Mirage)

Astralis 8:16 GODESENT (Overpass)

The series between Astralis and GODSENT seemed to be going the way of Astralis as they squashed any chance of a comeback by Godsent in the first map.

Going into Overpass, however, the Swedish team dominated Astralis 12-3 in the first half. twist just seemed to keep pulling out plays and helped his team to a 1-1. The series finished in the same vein as North vs. HellRaisers, with both teams picking up identical scores with different results.