​The conclusion to Week 2 Day 3 for the EU side of the ESL Pro League saw some pretty one sided matches.

The day featured only featured two matches with Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas flexing their muscles over Team EnVyUs and HellRaisers respectively. Here's how each map played out.


  • HellRaisers 0:2 NiP
  • Team EnVyUs 0:2 Fnatic

HellRaisers 5:16 NiP (Inferno)

NiP 16:6 ​HellRaisers (Train)

The first match of the day saw NiP dominate HellRaisers on both maps. The matches were never even close as NiP won both quite handily by scores of 16-5 and 16-6. NiP certainly are looking strong in the EPL after a top 4 finish at DreamHack Masters Malmo.

Team EnVyUs 10:16 Fnatic (Cobble)

Fnatic 16:9 Team EnVyUs (Cache)

The second match of the evening saw Fnatic take on Team EnVyUs. While it was closer than the earlier match, Fnatic were still a class above the Boys in Blue. Fnatic were able to take both games by comfortable margins and had some great plays. 

Thanks to their victory, Fnatic are now atop the standings in EU with an astounding 7-1 start. North, the DH Masters Malmo runner-ups, sit just behind them at 6-2. 

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