Ranking the Star Guardian Skins From Worst to Best

Riot often comes up with amazing themes for the various skins they release such as the Arcade and PROJECT: series, but few match the colorful might of the Star Guardian skin line.

Abilities are greatly enhanced visually with aesthetically pleasing bright colors that completely wash away the pain of the gray screen you experienced moments prior to respawning. 

Below is a very subjective and biased ranking of all 10 skins that represent this theme.

10. Star Guardian Lulu

While this skin is beloved by many, I simply dislike both Lulu as a champion and the color green, so she is ranked last. Also, her altered recall and ultimate ability both look rather unimpressive when viewing the other skins in this theme.

9. Star Guardian Poppy

Out of all the Star Guardians, Poppy is the only one that is a Melee champion, so it's only natural for her to have less particles involved in her altered abilities. However, this is by no means a "bad" skin, and her ultimate looks amazing. 

8. Star Guardian Janna

Janna is naturally high on any skin ranking list, but not this one. Her abilities leave little room for that "new skin" feel, but her altered model and splash art are very pleasant.

7. Star Guardian Syndra

The altered Q really makes this skin stand out from the other Syndra ones, but that's pretty much the only significant difference as far as her abilities go. The model is cool, but pales in comparison to the others in this skin line.

6. Star Guardian Soraka

Soraka may be the bane of my existence, but Riot did a very good job with the model for this skin, boasting an amazing recall in which she sprouts wings and takes to the sky. 

Her altered abilities also look really good, and allies can't say you aren't healing them when they literally glow green after receiving her W.

5. Star Guardian Lux

The altered abilities this skin boasts are pretty awesome, but nothing too impressive. The sound for them is also not that different from Lux's default skin, and the recall lacks the "oomph" the other Star Guardians posses. 

Also, nearly every Lux that 100 to 0'd me from the fog of war was wearing this skin, so I might not be doing this skin justice.

4. Star Guardian Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune's personality is captured in the end of this skin's altered recall, and the altered auto attack sound is very satisfying to hear. Pew Pew Pew! The range of her ultimate is also very clearly illustrated with its altered particles.

3. Star Guardian Ahri

While this skin has an amazing recall in addition to spectacular altered abilities and sound that truly makes you feel like a Star Guardian, it loses a few points for looking similar to one of Ahri's other skins, Pop Star Ahri. 

2. Star Guardian Jinx

It was difficult not placing this skin at rank one due to the awesome interactions between Jinx and her familiar spirits, the altered splash art, the altered model, and the auto attack sound effects. You simply feel like you do much more damage!

1. Star Guardian Ezreal

Since there is no such thing as too many Ezreal skins, Riot decided to add him to the Star Guardian line up, and I'm definitely not complaining. 

The wings on the recall and altered ability particles have defeated many ailing bank accounts, mine included. The only downside to this skin is that Pulsefire Ezreal now feels like an even bigger waste of money. 

Riot will likely add a few more champions to this skin line, and hopefully they're even better than these amazing 10 additions to the League of Legends store.