The Five Worst Champion Passives in League of Legends

Everyone knows a champion has three basic abilities and an ultimate, but it's sometimes easy to forget the passive. That being said, some champions really do have forgettable passives that become more or less useless at certain points in the game. Here are some of the worst of them.

5. Alistar: Triumphant Roar

Alistar is a beefy engage champion, so it's nice that his passive grants a little healing. The thing is, the heal is tiny. Scaling with his level, it starts at 20 HP and goes up to 139, doubling this value for ally champions.

It's a nice touch for sure, but it's not too frequent. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly insignificant.

4. Syndra: Transcendent

A lot of passives on this list and in the game have a tendency of falling off late game. Conversely, Syndra's passive, which augments fully maxed abilities, is non-existent in the early game.

The first time it may make an appearance is at Level 9, most likely allowing Syndra's Dark Spheres an two additional seconds.

3. Lissandra: Iceborn

This passive periodically zeroes the mana cost of Lissandra's next ability. This may come in handy early on, especially for those who aren't familiar with the champion or managing mana in general.

However, come late game, you're likely to forget it exists.

2. Twisted Fate: Loaded Dice

Getting a little extra gold per kill might look pretty good at first glance, but two things stop it from being particularly effective. For starters, it's a

 pretty small amount, and the champion is still somewhat balanced around it, which means you're probably not going to snowball out of control.

Second, well, once you reach fill build, you have no passive at all.

1. Kog'Maw: Icathian Surprise

Yes, it feels great to be able to get a revenge kill or two if you get killed by an enemy with low health. All the same, think about it: Kog'Maw's passive only comes into use when he dies. And as a long range ADC, dying isn't good. Especially not if you're dying close enough to an enemy to be able to tag them with the passive.

Image courtesy of League of Legends