7 Overwatch Skins That Would Look Better on Other Heroes

Ever look at a new skin for a hero in Overwatch and think, "Why did they give that skin to him/her?"

Well, we sure have. Take a look at seven skins we think would be better suited for other heroes in Overwatch:

7. Dr. Junkenstein on Mercy

Mercy is quite literally a mad scientist. She brought Reaper back from the dead, making him into who he is now, and is deserving of some form of doctor skin. The Junkenstein skin is the best in the game in my opinion and would look cool on others as well.

6. Zarya's Goth on Widowmaker

Widowmaker already fits the bill of the cold, soulless sniper, so giving her an emo look is very on brand for her. No one really like the goth skins Zarya has. They feel out of place for her character anyway.

5. Torbjorn's Chopper on Reinhardt

A lot of Torb's skins could look good on Reinhardt. They may be different in height, but the bond between the bearded, hammer-wielding duo is what's important. Picturing Reinhardt as an aging member of Hell's Angels could look really nice.

4. Tracer's Mach T. on Genji

They both share great speed and movement, plus Genji has precedent with his helmet, so this skin is a no-brainer to me. I think the colorway could look really good on him, as well as sponsors on his sword and shurikens.

3. Ana's Shrike on Hanzo

Hanzo's style and backstory thrives on stealth, meaning Ana's Shrike skin would look great on him. Personally, I really enjoy teal and purple as a color combo. Giving Hanzo a dark cloak in those shades could be very sweet.

2. Winston's Yeti on Roadhog

This, Junkenstein, and Symmetra's Oasis skin make up the top three skins in the game for me. However, for Roadhog, I want to take this skin in a little bit of a different direction: make him the Bumble from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It's so perfect that it almost makes too much sense.

1. Pharah's Possessed on Zarya

The purple is already in Zarya's shade, and giving her an undead look for Halloween could be really cool. Side note: I play a Shadow Priest in WoW, so this skin is one of my favorites. Having coursing purple energy flowing on a dark Zarya skin has serious potential.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard