Just about every Tracer main knows the danger of being anywhere near their own Pulse Bomb. It can kill her just as well as anyone else, and by extension should be avoided at all costs for not only the sake of survival but avoiding any embarrassment on the killfeed.​

Should you place your Pulse Bomb poorly around a particular masked man, though, you may consider your fate sealed.

ItsLucious had been defending the payload from the back end of King's Row. As a disclaimer, the screen goes dark during the highlight due to D.VA's ultimate, a bug that blizzard hopefully patches out. 

The alternative description of the darkened screen offered by ​Redditor Vaustick is much more entertaining: Roadhog was simply taking a deep breath and aligning himself with the Hawaiian god of war.

With the divine alignment came godlike reactions. Tracer came in hot to ult Roadhog, but had missed the toss of the Pulse Bomb. Seeing this, Roadhog capitalized in an instant, not only hooking tracer but dragging her straight to her own ult, killing her instantly.

Graphical glitches aside, ItsLucious certainly has a Roadhog that can see past the darkness, and perhaps even a bit into the future.