With the Mercy changes on the way, Reddit user YINNY-PIG posted an interesting idea for a new Orisa ultimate ability. With Mercy's new ult, she can chain her damage boost to multiple targets, a la Orisa's current ability. This is a great idea, but could render Orisa's ult pointless. Why have it if Mercy can do the damage boosting and healing too? 

Enter, YINNY-PIG's idea:
Orisa Ult Concept

​Essentially, Orisa becomes a walking Winston bubble with a few caveats. 

Enemies can walk through it, but no enemy bullets/projectiles can penetrate it or break it. It's an invulnerable shield that lasts as long as her normal ult, and I personally like the idea. It's a unique concept that hasn't been done yet, and adds a type of support ult to the Overwatch pool.

​The ult could be great for protecting a Symmetra going to put up a clutch teleporter, shielding McCree while he charges his Deadeye, or securing the payload the last few meters. It's a creative idea that could help Orisa stay relevant in the wake of these changes to Mercy, and keeping heroes relevant is tantamount to Overwatch's success.